Sorry for not being around

Well, I have not updated this blog for a very long time. I guess I have been busy, and I could list a lot of other excuses. But basically I fear that I am just not the blogging kind of person. Nevertheless I have some interesting news and so I am going to write something about my book.

That’s right, I published a little book. The world of publishing has changed completely of course with the internet so publishing is more or less just a matter of uploading something to the right website. But I do hope some people will enjoy reading these short stories.

You can buy the e-book from (or any other amazon site) for 99p.
I was thinking of setting this to free but I was curious to see what will happen with a nominal price tag.

If you’d like a hard copy let me know, and leave me a comment after you have read it.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you the title:
“Bianca and Other Contrived Short Stories”

cheers, Marco

Direct link:


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