constant stimuli

Constantstimuli is the name of a C++ generic program to run visual perception experiments. Martin and I have finished putting it together recently and I use it in the lab. Anybody interested in the code can write to me.

There is something about programming that I always found attractive and rewarding. For someone with a short attention span, debugging (which for the non-pro like me is most of the programming time) can be done by a series of quick series of hypotheses and tests to see what goes wrong where, so that there is a continuous interaction with the machine. I like that feeling of crafting something out by small steps, while keeping the big plan in your head, which is what a sculptor presumably must do.

Anyway, I am very happy with Constantstimuli and perhaps it will get even better in the future. We also wrote a related program called Adaptivestimuli for staircases (when a stimulus is changed on the basis of the observer’s response). It works but may need more testing and fine tuning.

cheers, MB


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